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Drupal updates on shared hosting without drush and terminal

A nutty idea but drush and terminal install, terminal runs, but drush gets a 503 error. After two hours of debugging drush, I reverted to brute force FTP.

The site is http://publicsphereproject.org/drupal/.  Drupal core was 6.16 and a number of contributed modules were out of date. We routinely update local sites using drush in a matter of minutes. This job took a little longer. using Reports > Available updates, I downloaded and expanded the replacement tarballs.

GeoNames Setup

Install the GeoNames module. A properly configured drush environment will help. From $WEBROOT/sites/all/modules :

drush pm install geonames

When adding GeoNames to Drupal 6.x sites, initialize $may_cache to 0 in the function prototype for geonames_tools_menu.

sed -i -e "s/menu(\$may_cache)/menu(\$may_cache=0)/g" geonames/geonames_tools.module

The GeoNames module options may now be enabled at admin/build/modules. After enabling, configure GeoNames at admin/settings/geonames for cache and other considerations.

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