Drupal December Meeting: Working Together to Solve Common Drupal Problems

2008-12-04 18:30
America/New York

205 Lloyd St
Carrboro, NC 27510
(919) 442-5300

Knight News Challenge

America/New York

What is the News Challenge?

We’re giving away around $5 million in 2009 for the development and distribution of neighborhood and community-focused projects, services, and programs.


Clean URLs are almost taken for granted. Drupal 6 enables them automatically if certain requirements are met. "Dirty URLs" contain a "?" and used to prevent some "spiders" from "crawling" your site effectively.

FCKeditor - filters - fonts

Woke up this morning to find the home page - http://ls.net/ in a bad way. The cause was apparent, a user had posted an event which contained HTML code that broke the rest of the page.

Following the path of least resistance, I had set the default format to full HTML. PHP should only be enabled for people you can reach with a baseball bat. We have adopted several PHP restrictions to improve security but the power of PHP in malicious or casual hands is a loose cannon.

CiviCRM 2.1 Stable released for Drupal 6

Moving from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 has been a bit like giving birth to an elephant. Not only has the gestation period been long but the back labor has been particularly painful. There are still loose ends but this announcement of CiviCRM 2.1 clears the way for membership organizations to take a serious look at Drupal 6.

install script for ubuntu and debian

usage: install_drupal user pass domain dbpass pdname

This script will create a user, apache2 configuration, dns configuration and a user file system read to invoke the Drupal install script;

HTML Filters

By default, Drupal's HTML filter strips tags which WYSIWYG editors like FCKeditor produces. To enable Drupal to render content in a manner consistent with the intent of authors using a WYSIWYG you can either make the default Input Format Full HTML or add tags to the filter at admin/settings/filters/1/configure.


Some modules require regularly scheduled actions, such as cleaning up log files. Using cron can make these happen automatically.

starbuck@helen:~/public_html$ crontab -l
# m h  dom mon dow   command
15 * * * * /usr/bin/wget -O - -q http://starbuck.net/cron.php

If your Drupal site is hosted at LS.Net and admin/logs/status doesn't show a recent "Cron maintenance tasks",  contact the webmaster and have him set up a crontab like the one above.

Cataloging and selling stuff

Most of us have stuff we don't need or use. Others have a recurring need to keep track of stuff we do consume on a regular basis. We've started an experiment at http://ubercart.ls.net. UberCart is a "contributed module" for use with Drupal - our web Content Management System of choice. There are two categories started - Glenn's Stuff, the residue of a business - and Wireless Stuff, things we use in setting up wireless connections.

Automating Tapestry subthemes

MOTIVATION: For some sites, such as groups-oriented sites, large numbers of theme variations may be desirable.

Theme adjustments apply, uniformly, to every instance where a theme is used. The uniform application simplifies a common "look and feel" for site-wide layout. However, some sites utilize similar, even different layouts according to focus … coloration for mood, menu placement, and block utilizations are commonly personalized.

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