Ubercamp 1.0

2008-07-25 08:01
2008-07-27 12:00
America/New York

Announcing the most fun you haven't had yet this summer! The event is still in the planning stages, but we're keen on setting up an Ubercamp for the weekend of July 25-27. We know it's short notice - only 2.2 weeks away - but we're going to do our best to make it happen, make it fun, and make it fruitful.

The tentative schedule includes a pre-camp hackathon at the Ubercart office in Louisville, KY during the day on Friday. In the evening, depending on crowd size and wireless availability at the lake, we'd head down to Lake Cumberland and spend a weekend sharing, learning, discussing, and hacking on Ubercart. The best plans include staying on a houseboat and enjoying some water sports in between presentations, meals, and code sprints, but as a fallback we can always stay in Louisville and use our facilities. There's plenty to do in town if need be.

The goals of this Ubercamp would be to set the stage for future meetings (you've gotta start somewhere!), pass some knowledge around, and lay plans for the future of Ubercart. Ideally, we'll be doing some final work on the D6 port by then, so there should be plenty of testing and patching to go around.

I'll be driving down from Michigan, if anyone wants to ride along pm me.