Slide show creations

Slide shows can be a bit difficult to create if your  new to svg, inkscapes etc. If your looking for a quick, and easy way to create slide shows like I was you may want to try The slideshows work with drupal, facebook, myspace any website that you can post html to. This site is very easy to use, even for the beginner. You simply create a user and upload a few pictures, and your ready to start. After uploading your pictures you simply click slideshows. When navigated to this link your pictures will be displayed on the left side of the screen, and you click the ones you want to add and your slide show is halfway created already. After placing the pictures you have selected into your slideshow you then have many options you can play around with. Depending on your preference you can have the images fade in & out, a mosiac, a colage, you can even have your slide show play in a 1920's type theme. There are many to choose from. Even if your a beginner this site is very easy to use. After your slide show is created you have many options. You can send it in email, post it to your own website, or even upload it to myspace, twitter or facebook. The posibilities can seem endless. You should definetly give a try!