Get a second opinion!

Several of the SimpleTest unit tests failed with this Drupal installation. However, much consoling came by simply running unit tests a second time.

We are trained professionals

Don't do this at home

Yes, MyDLLURTH is using SimpleTest on a production site. Specifically, we are using SimpleTest 6.x-1.1 with our Drupal 6.3 "vetting" site, where new additions to MyDLLURTH and LSNet web sites are configured and tested to comply with our notions of reasonable security and functionality. The warning to not use SimpleTest on a production site was considered sage advice for normal production sites, but this site mission directs us to control our risks and empower recovery from mistakes.

So … you did it anyway

      and all that RED really seems excessive.

Don't panic; run the unit tests again. Fully 75% of our failed, first-pass tests did not list as "FAILED" in the second-pass report. We propose that absence results from database tables which are not fully initialized until functions are first called to populate those tables. Your first pass failures were good things®. Honestly, you can just run the test again to find out how unnecessary Fluoxetine hydrochloride is – in this case.

Second-pass FAIL notices

Some failures persist after the second invocation of SimpleTest unit tests. There are some undocumented core features … also known as "bugs". These bugs motivated SimpleTest standard inclusion in Drupal 7; Drupal becomes the best CMS your money won't have to buy.

In the meantime, while core features improve, we continue vetting modules and themes with SimpleTest and we will continue documenting what we find. If any code requires change, our staff will share what research reveals. Keep watching for news about how Drupal works.