Drupal: An Open-Source Content Management System

Drupal is an Open-Source Content Management System capable of forming the backbone of corporate intranets, corporate blogging systems, personal blogging systems and many other varieties of web presence.

Anywhere that people work together in an organization to produce results in the form of documents or images Drupal is ideal.

It is at once a Content Management System, and a collaborative working environment and a web publishing channel.

The contributions of any number of people are coordinated by the software to arrive on the website in an organised and accessible fashion.

An organization that has a Drupal site can easily present an interesting, alive, busy, productive, responsive and responsible image to the public.

Drupal takes over where websites and blogs reached their natural boundaries. It is a star on the horizon of the web building world. I am web designer, web developer, usability specialist and project lead and one of the founders of Drupal consulting firm NodeOne.

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