CiviCRM 2.1 Stable released for Drupal 6

Moving from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 has been a bit like giving birth to an elephant. Not only has the gestation period been long but the back labor has been particularly painful. There are still loose ends but this announcement of CiviCRM 2.1 clears the way for membership organizations to take a serious look at Drupal 6.

And serious it is. CiviCRM is at minimum a substantial project and may be a career. But so also is every serious membership management system. If you are in that business for the long haul and about to chuck $25,000 and up for something like Kintera, GoMembers or iMiS, CiviCRM makes a lot of sense (cents).

We will update our exploratory site in the next few days. Contact us if you would like company in an evaluation.