Cataloging and selling stuff

Most of us have stuff we don't need or use. Others have a recurring need to keep track of stuff we do consume on a regular basis. We've started an experiment at UberCart is a "contributed module" for use with Drupal - our web Content Management System of choice. There are two categories started - Glenn's Stuff, the residue of a business - and Wireless Stuff, things we use in setting up wireless connections.

Lots of features we haven't explored yet like accepting payments and shipping stuff, but the basic catalog building tools are in place.

We are looking for a few brave souls to join us. You can request an account on the bottom of the page. Contact us and we will set up a Catalog Category and Subcategories for you. Then you can start publishing items. The service is free (for now); if there appears to be commercial merit we can negotiate a long term relationship later. You can, of course, have a Drupal/Ubercart website of your own at competitive rates.