Configuring .htaccess and settings.php


If you modify .htaccess, you will have to maintain your changes through every core upgrade. There is no compelling reason to modify .htaccess. PHP configuration is better done with php.ini and errors in vhost configuration are better fixed in Apache.

Drupal 6 will configure sites/default/settings.php on initial installation. If you get your database configuration right at that point in time, you are set unless you muck with your database. Don't do that either.


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rev. james tarvid, pca
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One of the hazards of making registration easy is that you get spammers as well as the people you really want to connect to. Once moderation is set up, your site is a "honey pot". Sooner or later someone will post something objectionable.

Anonymous, authenticated, trusted

  • Anonymous users should have read privileges only.
    • admin/user/permissions - remove privileges except possibly:


Ot the thousands of available contributed modules, there are a few every site should have. One of these is "pathauto" which depends on "token"and "cleanurls".

As the user which owns the site:

drush dl token
drush enable token
drush dl pathauto
drush enable pathauto

The defaults are fine except "admin/build/path/pathauto". In the section URL aliases, check the box "Bulk Generate".

Of course, you need "drush" but that is another story.


Drupal upgrades

The release of 6.15 and 5.21 prompted a review of local Drupal sites. We have a collection of 44, many experimental, some customer evaluations and a few "productive" sites. Fortunately, all our sites have a similar file structure and we can obtain a status report of all Drupal code with a few lines of code.

Future of Web Hosting

I was induced to rethink web hosting while chasing Aegir - a  hosting management system for the Content Management System (CMS) Drupal. While you may crack open a book on the basis of its cover, It is the first few seconds of the reading experience that hook you into reading more. If that first few seconds is a repeat of the last experience, you may be inclined to say "I've read that book before" and put it away.

Fixing Crashed MySQL Tables

Note: the gremlins came back today. The sessions table had mushroomed in size. I had to repair it before I could empty it but life seems better now.


I found one of the web servers unresponsive on Wednesday morning. Worse, the router between my workstation and the web server was gasping. In a rash attempt to improve life on the router, I thoroughly trashed it. But that is another story.

Drupal updates

Updates are not so bad.

I downloaded 5.19 and 6.13 from to /root.

Then I extracted both files creating the directories /root/drupal-5.19 and /root/drupal-6.13

Immediately I renamed /root/drupal-5.19/sites/default/settings.php to If you forget this step you will wish you had a backup of settings.php.

Then I "su" to the appropriate user; cd to public_html/domain_name and

cp -a /root/drupal-x.yy/* .

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