Setting up a Drupal-powered web site with LSNet is a shared experience.  We partner with you every step of the way.

We provide:

  • Domain registration
  • User account creation
  • Apache2 configuration
  • BIND9 (DNS) configuration
  • MySQL database creation
  • Drupal file management
  • Drupal core installation
  • Basic site configuration
  • WYSIWYG (FCKeditor) installation and configuration
  • Contributed module installation
  • Theme installation
  • Security and functional updates
  • Training and support

You provide:

  • The inspiration for how your site should look and feel
  • The content for your site
  • Day-to-day guidance of the direction of your site

The whole website package, including site installation, hosting on our server, necessary updates, and basic email, is priced beginning at only $500 a year for our most basic package.  If you get stuck, or have any problems, we offer many different kinds of help at an affordable $60 an hour.

If you've always wanted a web site, but you find the whole idea too overwhelming, technical, expensive, and confusing, this is your chance to carve your niche on the 'net.  We make it as simple for you as choosing the layout and colors (theme), writing the text, uploading the graphics, answering the email, and giving us a buzz for help whenever you need it.

Tell us your hopes and dreams.  Have something to say?   Something to sell?  Something to promote?  A cause to champion?  With help from LSNet, you can make your presence on the web a reality.